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Review: Betty Crocker Just Cupcakes

August 24, 2009

bettycrocker-justcupcakesWith recipes based on ready-made cake mixes and shortcuts for decorating, Betty Crocker Just Cupcakes delivers just what it promises – 100 recipes for the way you really cook. In this cookbook, you’ll learn how to make special-occasion cupcakes with every-day simplicity.

One of the most irresistible of all babycakes is the sugary confection of a cupcake. Just like cupcakes themselves, this cookbook is short and sweet. It includes everyday treats, seasonal recipes, celebration cakes, holiday themes, and cupcakes for kids. After each recipe you’ll also find a quick glance at nutrition facts for 1 serving, which is handy if you’re counting calories or have dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking for baking babycakes from scratch, this is not the cookbook for you. Although baking from scratch can be labor-intensive, I enjoy it immensely; but Betty Crocker Just Cupcakes, in a Sandra Lee-esque kind of way, offers some simple recipes for everyday treats with all the store-bought shortcuts and cheats. Ingredients are even built around what items (and sizes) you can most commonly find at a grocery store. Best of all, it offers some tricks for decorating that make it a valuable reference. After all, presentation is key. And if you’ve got kids around – whether they’re helping you with the mixing and decorating or just gobbling them up – Betty Crocker Just Cupcakes will be a good book to have on-hand. Next time you have a cupcake emergency, one of these recipes might just save the day.

The cover photo features the “Anniversary White Truffle Cupcake” which appears on page 82 inside the book. Every recipe has been tested by Betty Crocker Kitchens to make sure it meets their high standards of reliability, easy preparation and great taste. Get a glimpse inside the cookbook with the recipe for Betty Crocker’s “Easy Design Cupcakes.”


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